Prayer Take 39/40

Our church is praying for 40 days for our Take It to the Streets Ministry.  Each day will have a scripture reading, a list things to pray for and I will write a quick devotional thought from the day’s passage.  The schedule is not original with us but is built off of YouVersion’s Bible App.

– 1 Corinthians 13:1-9

It really all just comes down to one thing…

it’s not leadership

its not church ritual or style

it’s not the clothes worn or the car that is driven

it’s not the music or the unbelievable soloist.

it’s not the preaching and teaching of God’s word.

It really all comes down to…


and when it comes to reaching our community with the gospel loving our neighbors is what matters most.

-So today pray that God will stir in your heart a genuine love for your neighbors, regardless of the lifestyle they live.

– Pray that God would give you wisdom concerning how to love your neighbors with out condoning their life style.

– Pray for those in our community that are suffering from addictions, that God would work a miracle in their lives and bring them out of that lifestyle and into a relationship with Him.

– Pray and thank God for all He has done for you.  List the things He has done by name.

– Pray for Take 5.2

4 thoughts on “Prayer Take 39/40

  1. So very thankful for ALL The Lord has done for us!! He truly is a mountain moving God!! TGBTG great things HE has done, is doing and is going to do, so others may come to know how much HE truly loves them……

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