Prayer Take 32/40

Our church praying for 40 days for our Take It to the Streets Ministry.  Each day will have a scripture reading, a list things to pray for and I will write a quick devotional thought from the day’s passage.  The schedule is not original with us but is built off of YouVersion’s Bible App.

– Philippians 2:1-4

I have enjoyed everyday of this 40 days of prayer.  I am thankful that about 72 of you have joined each other to pray for certain things each day, especially for our church and following Jesus as He shows us how He wants us to reach our community. How He wants us to…

“Take IT to the Streets”

We have for the past 32 days and have been of the same mind when it has come to our prayers.  To me that is an awesome thought.  And I think that we all joined this movement because we desire to see our community reached and changed for Christ.

We are not in competition with a church across town or down the street.

We could never do what they do…

but we can accomplish what God has designed for us to accomplish. With Him working through us…

based on how He has designed us…

we cannot go wrong for it all falls on Him.  Even our failures are success in His design, just like when He brings victory to our door.

So today pray that God will continue to show us how He wants us to Take the church to the people in our community.

Pray that we will remain in unity both in our desire to follow Jesus and reach out to those who do not know Him.

– Pray that we will run from the pride of “look at what we are doing” and always embrace the “look at what God is doing, let’s follow Him in that”.

– Thank God for the blessings and accomplishments He has accomplished for His glory in our church and in your personal life.

– Pray for Take 5.2 that many will come to know Him as their personal Savior and began a new life of being a disciple of Him.

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