Prayer Take 31/40

Our church praying for 40 days for our Take It to the Streets Ministry.  Each day will have a scripture reading, a list things to pray for and I will write a quick devotional thought from the day’s passage.  The schedule is not original with us but is built off of YouVersion’s Bible App.

10 days left…

Acts 5:12-16

Today, we the church may not perform signs and wonders.  We may not bring the sick and hope that if they just touch our pastor’s shadow maybe that would be enough contact to heal them. We do not see masses of people getting healed around church leaders (or hospital visitation would be very exciting and there would be no need for doctors or health insurance). We do not see the wonders occurring that are spoken of here in this passage and there are reasons for that which we cannot discuss here. But what we can talk about today is that the power of God was clearly seen in the lives of these ‘first’ Christians.

The challenge is not to figure out how to perform miraculous signs and wonders. The challenge is to live in such a way that our words and actions would clearly reveal God to our neighbors and friends.

That is what is going on in this passage. People are seeing the love of Christ displayed in an undeniable way.

The same Spirit that is making Jesus known here is the same spirit that resides in us today and desires to use us as a powerful testimony of God’s power and saving grace.

So today pray that God would use you to reveal Himself to the people around you, through your thoughts, words and actions.

Pray for our church that God would use us in such away there would be no denying that He is at work in our church and is working in our community through Her.

Pray that God would help us help people heal from their emotional, spiritual and physical problems.

Pray that God’s kingdom would come and His will would be done on earth as it is in heaven. That God would use our church as a tool for that to be accomplished.

Pray for Take 5.2 that many will come and hear the message of the gospel through the Christmas story performed in a very creative way.

Pray for Take 5.2 that things will run smoothly at the school, as we practice and that we will effectively get the word out about it.

3 thoughts on “Prayer Take 31/40

  1. praying without ceasing…that the Holy Spirit would make me sensitive to the needs around me and for tangible ways to demonstrate Christ’s love.

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