Prayer Take 26/40

Our church praying for 40 days for our Take It to the Streets Ministry.  Each day will have a scripture reading, a list things to pray for and I will write a quick devotional thought from the day’s passage.  The schedule is not original with us but is built off of YouVersion’s Bible App.

– James 2:1-8

Sometimes it sneaks into our mind and we do not know that it is there.

Sometimes we know its there and we do nothing to stop it


Here in this text of scripture we have a clear admonishment not to allow those thoughts to remain in play in our minds. The instruction is to treat everyone the same, regardless of their social position, race or smell.

So today ask God to show you any prejudices you may have developed forward any people group or social class. If He reveals those to you repent and do what it takes to get rid of those types of thoughts in your life.

Ask God to help us always treat people equally regardless of how they speak, dress, or act.

Pray for the people on your street that they would find Christ and ask Him what you need to do to be a witness to them.

Pray for Take 5.2

5 thoughts on “Prayer Take 26/40

  1. Praying for FBC and Davie County NC to have a major impact on our community, state and Nation over the next four years. We have a mission/start this weekend by taking 11 adults/youth(females) to Girls of Grace in Spartanburg SC. Please keep us covered in prayer and pray that this weekend be an aha moment in God for all attending….as Pastor Eric said on Sunday some things in our spiritual walk are not taught but CAUGHT!! Believing this to be that kind of moment for Jordan, Delaney, Maddie, Amanda,Katelyn and Tally….giving their names so our church family can cover these girls by calling out their name and for God to bless each of their Moms attending as well….God knows their name since HE knows each of us! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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