Prayer Take 16/40

– Isaiah 50:10

Is there anyone you know, that lives in our neighborhood, or your neighborhood, that walks in darkness…

and you know it.

It’s not because you feel like they are, and it’s not because you don’t like them and it’s not because you are jealous of them but it is because  you know at the raw level of your very being that they live in darkness…

their life emanates it and it is obvious.

It may be the “christian” that lies, cheats, and stirs things up

It may be the one that’s always yelling, drinking and cussing

It may be the one that is just rude and righteous all the time.

It’s the ones that need Jesus… and it seems they have no clue of that need.

What do you do?

You pray for that one that “walks in darkness”, the ones that have “no light” and you ask God to intervene in their lives and bring them to a point where they will trust in God and rely on Him.

– Today ask God to give you the strength to obey Him

– Pray that the people you know that are in Darkness will find Jesus, “grab His hand” and began a new life of walking in the light of our Savior.

– Pray for your neighbors that cause difficulties in your neighborhood (and even in your church) that they would allow Jesus to rescue them from that.

– Pray for Take 5.2 that people will be very receptive to buying the tickets that support the school and will be there for the show.

– Pray for Take 5.2 as the cast continues to memorize their lines, that it will come with ease and they will not forget them especially the nights of the show.

– Pray that we will see people come to know Christ as a result of this program this year and that we will see people join our church.

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