Wednesday Night Activities @FBC


Tomorrow Night (Wednesday the 29th of August) is our first night of Awana, Fuel and our Wednesday Night Bible Study @FBC. Here is how the night will unfold.

Awana – start time – 6:45pm (end time 8pm) for ages 2 years old to 5th grade. This first night is a fun night for the kids with games and hotdogs and is a chance for parents to register their child and find out a little bit about what we do.

Fuel – start time – 6:45pm (and this year will go till 8:15pm) for Middle and High School students. We are doing things a bit differently this year. We want to invest in our youth, so the night is geared for discipleship and fun. Our Goal is to make sure every teen that comes knows that we care about them and so does Jesus.

Wednesday Night Bible Study – start time 7pm – this first night is dedicated to prayer and will be lead by David Washburn. Main prayer areas will be Awana and Fuel. The end time will occur when the prayer time has ended.

I am looking forward to all this starting back up and hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Night Activities @FBC

  1. Awesome! Been praying over all the ministries gearing back up…for God’s protection to blanket those in leadership roles; for hearts to be softened to the prompting of the Holy Spirit; for the Truth to be proclaimed boldly!

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