Not Going to School!


A few weeks ago we were blessed with some new fish.

So far, in our many year stint of fish napping we have had African Cichlids and South American Cichlids. With many “aquarium cycles” and the death of all but one this time…

we went for a different type of fish…


These are by far the cheapest fish we have ever owned. As we were selecting our fish we choose 3 types of “schooling fish” because the guy at “PetSmart” said that we must have 3 or more schooling fish in order for them to school properly.

My wife bought 4 schooling fish

My Daughter picked out 3 schooling fish

My son choose 4 schooling fish

and I picked 2 fish that were not in the schooling category but were tropical in nature.

So we took them home… placed them in the tank… and so far…

None of them…


I said NONE of them



It seems our fish are independent swimmers

and very uneducated.

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