Pour Haman, he didn’t get it until it was too late and he may not have gotten it at all.

You… just are not suppose to go after people because you are not getting your way.

He suffered from IAATS

I Am All That Syndrome

People like Haman who suffer with IAATS have issues with…

Following – they struggle to do this because they think “their way is the best way”. In the church they are the people who make it a point to go against the direction God has lead the church in by doing ministry the way they want to do it instead of submitting to God’s direction

Submitting – They think they are the authority and no one else is going to tell them how, when or where to do something.  In fact if they are not over it “It’s never the way it should be”

Attitude – in their mind the people they come into contact with should “bow down” to the way they want to do things… after all they know how it should be done.

So how do you help someone with IAATS?

Well for the ones that are just eat up with it, unfortunately the Ahasuerus method is the only thing that will take care of it.  For in the end they will destroy themselves.

For the ones who are not as far gone as Haman was, repentance and a dose of humility mixed with a dose of submission that is high enough to create a heart that desires to follow will put IAATS in remission and eventually take care of it.

So if you suffer from IAATS… like I do at times… its time to repent and take a dose of humbleness and submission…

for to let IAATS linger is to head toward destruction.

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