Bridge-Out 2

His car was parked.

Across the road from the entrance.

It had been a few days since the disappearance of his friend.

Bob’s heart pounded, he just had to know.

Cars kept turning on to Cyprus, few kept going straight. Where did that road lead? Was the bridge still out? We’re all these people that were turning onto the alternate route driving to their doom?

He had to know, but he wasn’t going to drive to find out.

He was going to walk.

Opening the door to his car and shutting it, he took a deep breath and began to cross the road. It seemed as if the traffic on the road increased drastically as he maneuvered his way across to the other side.

Cars whizzed by him.

A few times he was almost hit.

Horns sounded and people shouted…

But he stayed with it… he had too… he had to know.

Soon he was on the other-side.

The first thing he checked was the ” Bridge-Out” sign and he found that over the years the Cyprus Tree had grown around it, fully covering up any chance to see what the sign said.

This left Bob with only one choice…

He had to walk down the road to see for himself

and walk he did.

It was a long journey, hours past, and when the sun had risen to its mid-range position he arrived at a very steep incline. From his position he could not see what was over the crest of the hill.

“Well, this should be fun”

Step by step Bob walked toward the top of the incline. It seemed that with each step he took he became weaker and weaker. From time to time he would stop to rest and watch the cars as they flew buy him to the top of the hill, all the while noticing their break lights engaging as they passed out of sight.

“Whew… it’s a long way to the top of this thing” he said to himself

Finally, with much determination, he made it to the top and immediately lost his balance and fell backward onto his bottom which prevented him from falling into a huge ravine he did not know was there.

Catching his breath, and with his heart pounding because of his near death experience. He looked to his left and watched countless cars appear on the top of the crest and fall to their destruction below.

Then it dawned on him…

“The bridge wasn’t out…

It had never been built.”

Then he thought.

“I’ve got to warn people!”

With a determination and renewed energy he stood up to do just that…

but at the moment he started to head back the wind picked up and began to push him toward the ravine.

Panic set in…

Now, instead of trying to warn others he found himself in a position where he could only fight to save himself. Falling forward to the ground he began to use his feet and hands attempting to crawl back to safety, struggling against the powerful wind. He grabbed and pulled and grabbed and pulled with all his might, desperately trying to save his life.

But nothing he did worked.

In fact the more he tried the worse his situation became and eventually he found himself at the edge of the ravine…

With his feet dangling over the edge…

Then his legs…

Then his body.

Soon all that was left was his hands. Hands that were desperately trying to hang on to anything that would prevent his doom. In his heart he wished he had never made this journey. In his heart he wished someone would save him

Finally, losing all his strength, his hand slipped…

and the fall began

and at that very moment another hand came out of nowhere grabbing onto his

and it was scarred.

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