A Big Moment

I drop my child (the youngest) off at school most everyday. It is a treat for me.

He’s a great kid.

My normal operating procedure is, I drop him off, then as I’m leaving I roll down the window (regardless of the temp or weather condition) and we tell each other to have a good day. Then I go and park in a spot (it’s the same spot everyday) and watch him enter the building and pray for him as he goes.

Yesterday, something happened that was extremely special, and honestly, it made my day.

After I had dropped him off, I parked the car and while I was watching and praying he stopped, turned around and waved to me.

and He repeated this a few times until he entered the building.

In fact his last wave was right before he went in.

It was a special gift.

A small thing…


but a big thing to me.

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