Morality, who gets to decide?

What is right and what is wrong is debated in our day and is a result of the debate never being settled in the past and it will not end until Jesus returns.

Morality… how is it defined?

and who gets to determine what is moral and what is not?

Who gets to determine if it is time to redefine what is right or wrong? The people? The government? The media? The printed page? The Bible? religion? The pope? Your local pastor? or is it just up to each individual?

Is it really supposed to be “what is right for one group of people should in turn be ok for the group that doesn’t agree with it”? Because… some how that makes us all equal?

No… in fact what is often deemed right by one group of people is judged as being wrong by another. WWII is a testimony to that. (And one group was right and the other was not.)

Isn’t it interesting that we all tend to believe that murder is wrong? That lying is wrong, that stealing should not be tolerated? (you can’t just walk into a bank and steal money without a large group of people saying “hey wait a minute that is wrong.. it’s not your money”). We also believe that adultery is wrong, it goes against one of the basic bonds between a husband and a wife.

Why is it we all believe certain things are wrong and others are right?

Could it be that it is encoded into every human? Placed in our DNA by our Creator?


and since this is the case, why is it that we differ at times concerning what is right and wrong?

Why does the issue of what is right or wrong get so fuzzy and debatable?

Could it be that we are not perfect? And in that imperfection we latch on to certain things, agenda’s or movements in order to make a point, in order to validate the very thing we are doing that we know deep down inside is not right? Our coding keeps saying… this isn’t right (even when you feel good while doing it or pushing it).

So we fight to prove our point, to the slandering of others who we really are not fighting against. They are not where the struggle has come from.

Have you ever wondered why you still struggle with the issue even after your group has won the cultural battle?

Well its because the struggle has come from deep inside of you, from the moral code God placed inside of you when He created you…

and you are really fighting against that code

thus you are fighting against Him

and His word.

Because at the end of the day, He is not going to let you decide what is right or what is wrong…

for He has already determined that

and it’s based on His Holiness.

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