10 Reasons it’s haRd to be cReative in a chuRch enviRonment

Here are 10 reasons why creativity is hard to find in a church environment.

3 – Creativity is often met with – “we can’t do that” or “we have never done it that way.”

1. The pastoral staff is way to busy with everything else and never gets a chance to take time to be creative.

4 – Churches tend to imitate other churches. Imitation makes us too lazy to do the work of creating.

2 – Churches generally do to much. When a church is very busy it doesn’t have time to be creative… it only has time to get the next task done.

5 – Too many good option’s and opinion’s of what ministries to do. There always seems to be a push to adopt the latest trend, meet the latest need or do something the way it was done at another church (a member used to attend).

9 – People are convinced they are not creative. But this isn’t true. All of mankind is creative because we are made in the image of the Creator. We just choose not to be creative.

7 – We are trained that the “arts” is where creativity is. If you are not in the “arts” you are not creative. This isn’t true.

6 – The wrong type of Criticism – tends to shut down creative ideas.

10 – Fear – of being seen as “hooky”, uncool, or immature.

8 – Fear of failing, of taking a risk, of “whatever it is” not being successful.

10 – We often do not take the time to be creative. Being creative takes preparation. Planing ahead enables us to have the time to come up with creative ideas surrounding what we are doing or the lesson we are going to teach. But planning ahead takes discipline and work.

So there you go…

What are some of yours?

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