Random Monday

1. Yes, its usually random Thursdays but it’s random Monday for today, why? Well, because…

2. State of the world… depressing, State of USA… getting depressing, Kingdom of Jesus… Can’t be better.

3. I’ve got to reread 1 Thessalonians tonight. Why? Because I realized today when I was almost done reading through it I was just reading the words without comprehension. Why? Because I was thinking about some other things. So I was reading in “auto mode”… have you ever done that?

4. Preaching a funeral on Wednesday, I would appreciate your prayers for that.

5. Its 8:46pm and I have been tired all day.

6. When things come apart they are not together.

7. Heard someone talking today about a 17 year old Chinese teenager that sold his kidney to buy himself an iPad… that’s a bit whacked out. He sold it for $3600.

8. OK contacts have to come out now.

9. A constitution is a moral document that governs laws that can or can’t be made. In most constitutions in the US there is this phrase… “created equal” I think its interesting that people are asking about what “equal” really means but not asking who or what we were created by, and what implications that might have on the way we act or how that helps define “equal”… or morality for that matter.

10. It’s amazing what comes to your mind after taking your contacts out. My eyes feel so good right now… it almost feels like I’m having a “religious” experience.

11. OK, I need to get back to some sermon prep. I know it’s late, but it has to be done.

12. I love it when an article or a post “buries a lead”. They are fun to search for.

13. For the record, I love everyone…

14. Last week we had a “What You Say” post, I almost wrote one today titled, “The Way You Act” because that too speaks volumes concerning who you are following… and I’m not talking about on Twitter!

15. Of course Twitter does show who you are following… literally.

16. Facebook shows whose approval you are seeking.

17. Did I mention I need to get back to my sermon prep?

18. Maybe I should leave the randomness to Thursdays only…

19. If Michael Bay did a “Barney” Movie what would that be like?

20. OK it’s late Got to stop…

21. “I love you, you love me I’m going to blow up your ……” could be a theme song for #19

22. “ASTEROID!!!!” Barney yells to all his purple dinosaur friends…

23. And we find out an influx of helium enters earth’s atmosphere…. a result of the asteroid disaster… and that is the reason for his weird voice. Poor Barney!


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