It is slung…

in their direction

because they deserve it.

After all they have “wronged you” and you want everyone to know you are the one that is innocent

so you pick it up..

it’s wet because you’re in the middle of a storm…

and you sling it

mud takes to the air, like a F4 Phantom lifting off a run way,

soaring toward the target of your choosing

Over and over again you sling it, and sling it and sling it…

picking it up time and time again from right where you are…

never considering where you are getting it from

never considering this is not helping you keep your footing

you have a feeling of gaining ground with each throw

with each hit

but in reality

you are losing ground

your ground

the source of your ammo

The Bible says…

He who digs a hole and scoops it out falls into the pit he has made. (Psalm 7:15, NIV)


If you have mud in your hand right now…

or next time you are temped to pick up some to throw…

just keep this post in mind

and remember

“He who slings mud loses ground”

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