10 Reasons I Love Temple Run


Temple Run is a game where you run around an ancient structure with some primitive life forms chasing you, while you collect money. I play it on my iPad and i love the game…

Here are 10 reasons why…

1. It is fun. Plain and simple. It’s fun.

2. It makes me feel like Indiana Jones

3. It is a challenge to swipe, jump or slide at the right time

4. There are entertaining phrases when you mess up.

5. It is simple. You do not have to think during the game, all you have to do is react with your instincts

6. The running…visually…. just gets my blood pumping… In fact I have started counting it as exercise.

7. I feel like I have done something when it is over. Odd as that may seem.

8. The jumps are cool. I have always dreamed of jumping like this guy does.

9. The sliding is also cool. I would love to be able to slide like he slides.

10. For some reason it keeps my interest. And that’s saying something!

So there you have it…. 10 reasons why I like Temple Run… It’s a free app on iTunes so check it out.

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