This morning on the way to school my son and I had a conversation about words, the ones you can say and the ones you shouldn’t.

“How do I know, Dad?”

“Well, if you have never heard your mom and I say it chances are you shouldn’t”

And that struck a cord within me. It hit me like a ton of bricks. The responsibility of being a good role model to my kids.

It is easy for me say “imitate me” when it comes to the words I use. The question is could I say “imitate me” in other areas of my life?

Like driving?

The way I treat my wife?

The way I organize my room?

My work ethic?

My walk with God?

The way I use my money?

The way I care for others?

Could I say, “If you have never seen us do _______________________ than chances are you shouldn’t and if you have seen us do ____________________ than chances are its ok.”

So, I sit here at the end of this blog post feeling challenged…

and I’m glad for it.

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