Christ… is He a myth?

If we are honest… there are somethings that are just weird about the whole “Jesus story.”

Yep… weird.

Shepherds, Stable, Wise-men from a far follow a star that doesn’t exist anymore, babies being killed and a Virgin Birth.

Yep… a Virgin Birth

Now, I don’t know if you know how things work but babies do not just happen without…

you know…

the “ACT”.

All of this is a little weird and crazy and if the Independent Baptist are right, the wine of “that day” would not have made them drunk enough to come up with this stuff.

Now, Zeus is a god in the past that was worshipped and thought to be real, but today, no one really believes he existed.  There is just no evidence for it.

The story of Jesus predates him.

In fact way before there were 3 people on the earth Jesus was spoken of, (a little study of that passage will reveal that the Virgin birth is in Gen. 3:15) and way before the Babylonians took over the world, predictions concerning Jesus were spoken and written down.  There is even several passages that speak of the Virgin nature of His birth and those were written long before Matthew or Luke penned their words concerning it.

It seems that the more you study and look into the Jesus story the more it turns from the “weird side” to something that is miraculous.  In fact, there is a point that all those that are serious about looking into the story come too. Its a point where they are faced with the truth that it really did happen…

and that brings them to a decision they must make….

What do I do with all of this?

For it is in that moment they are faced with the truth that the Creator of the universe came to meet them where they are and they have to figure out what they are going to do as a result of that fact.

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