Follow up (“Fighting”)

(Do not read this unless you have read “Fighting” (the post right before this one))

Here recently, I have been reading a book called “The Seven Deadly Sins” its not a book I would necessarily recommend to anyone but it has been an intriguing read for me.

The fighting post comes from just two pages of that book where the author explains the tactic Satan uses of motivating people to fight for him.

These are people that would not say that they are doing His bidding. In fact He convinces people to fight each other in such a way that they doubt, do not even believe, consider or see, the way he gets them to go at each other.

The thing that struck me last week as I read and considered the “Needful Things” story. Is the image of the devil standing on the street corner smiling at us as we fight with each other.

That image has burned into my mind in such away that now I think about it when an argument starts in my home, when I get upset at someone, and when I feel myself gearing up for a battle.

I do not want my enemy to smile at me… I want him to cry and retreat in defeat.

I desire for God to smile and for my life to bring Him joy.  If I choose to fight with my wife, with my friends, or with other people,  I know that will not bring my Savior joy…

instead it will bring Him sorrow…

for He cries when the devil laughs…

and smiles when the devil cries.

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