8 reasons I am blessed

Last night in small group we listed 8 reasons we are blessed (Blessed means fortunate it was a study from our 8 Maids a Milking series).These were 8 blessings we as a group had been given that we did not “earn”.

This morning I felt like making a list of my own..

So Here is my list… “Beatitude Style”

I am fortunate, for while I was lost in sin, Jesus came to me and offered eternal life.

I am blessed, for while I knew nothing about parenting God gave my wife and I two wonderful children.

I am fortunate, for while on a road to no where, God called me to be a pastor.

I am blessed, for when I make mistakes, God provides a way for me to grow and learn through them.

I am fortunate, for while I am far from a perfect leader, God placed me in a wonderful church with wonderful people to pastor.

I am blessed, for I am unable to do enough to earn a seat at the Kings table, but King Jesus has invited me to the feast anyway.

I am fortunate, while eating things that are said to be unhealthy, I am currently healthy

I am Blessed, for while I am a few fries short of a happy meal, The Holy Spirit provides me with some additional “fries”.

Thank You Lord…

Thank You

If you have a moment please post one of the blessings Jesus has given to you, that you did not “earn”.

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