Random Thursday

1. Struggling today with Christian “Catch Phrases”, are they really that irritating or is there something I am missing with them? If I am missing something, I want to know what it is.

2. Rain, office and Thanksgiving music… a great combination.

3. Let the Breastplate of righteousness be a filter for your actions so you will be able to stand (Ephesians 6:14 – from last nights Bible study)

4. If you would have asks due 5 years ago, if I thought I would be at this point in ministry (Great church, great people, pushing a head for the gospel and glory of Christ) I would not have believed you. If you had asked me just 9 years ago I would have told you that I am done with ministry and would not have thought I would even be a pastor in 2011. God had other plans, and I’m glad He did.

5. Click here for some great Thanksgiving seasonal music.

6. 8 Maids a Milking – Sermon #2 – Maid #8 – this sunday 11am. Looking forward to it.

7. I am the officator of a wedding tomorrow on 11-11-11. The bride is walking down the isle at 11:11am. Cool

8. The phone just rang a half a ring and then stopped… wrong number or ADD?

9. So, what is the Box Person thinking in the picture above? Is it a he a she? Happy or Sad? What is the story? Does the Box Person realize the danger that looms by being on that road… in the rain?

10. It’s now Friday morning, I guess if I said anything else it would not be a random Thursday.

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