7 Billion

7 Billion

Last week, we crossed the 7 billion world population mark, not sure how we know that but that is what is being reported.

Think about that a moment…

7 Billion.

That is a staggering amount of people.

In life we generally are close with about 40 people.(I.E. we only really know about 40 people really well) We may know thousands of people (or more like hundreds) by name. Others we know by what they look like and thats it. But I would bet you do not know over 10,000 people by name (probably not even 1,000), and you definitely do not know 100,000 people, even if they know you.

For most people, it’s hard to remember the names of 100 people… I have trouble with people’s names I have known for years, in fact I might know their name one minute and forget it the next, like when I am trying to introduce people to each other… I tend to forget names at that moment… and its awkward and humbling.

Based on that this is what I know,

There is no way I could tell you the names of all 7 Billion people that are now in this world…

of course if I was to use smith, or jones that would probably cover over half of em… (JK)

7 Billion

10% of 7 Billion is 700 Million

10% of 700 Million is 70 Million

10% of 70 Million is 7 Million

10% of 7 Million is 700 Thousand

10% of 700 Thousand is 70 Thousand

10% of 70 Thousand is 7 Thousand

10% of 7 Thousand is 700

10% of 700 is 70

70 is 30 more people than you know really well.

(not to mention we did not count down 90% of 7 Billion)

Its staggering, and mind blowing that there is that many people in the world.

What is impressive, is God knows their names

all of them.

The new mother who had the 7 Billionth child.

The person that is in the alley propped up against a box, asleep.

The one that stumbled across this blog today, for whatever reason.

Rich, poor, middle class, alone or surrounded by people.

He knows them all,

by name…

and loves them all the same.


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