Update – Why no post? Is everything Ok?


Just finished ( a few moments ago) the start to the “Christmas” message for Sunday December 25th. It is awesome that Christmas falls on a Sunday this year. Be sure to invite your family and friends, it should be a great day!

Now I can breathe a little bit. Finally I am almost caught up to where I need to be with Sermon prep. The past few weeks I have been working on the “*8 Maids a Milking” series (that starts this Sunday) getting those ready and it has taken some time to do so. With everything that has needed my attention lately it is nice to have caught up a bit.

It is great to be looking forward to the next few weeks at church… please pray that we will see God work in those services, that the worship and the message will come together as He wants it to.

That is our desire.

(Regular Blog posts should resume tomorrow)

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