A Pastor’s Lament


The day is young

The week is younger

and even though you try and try again

push and push

talk, hoping to convince

pray and pray some more

somethings are still set in motion

because the path was already being taken

before they came to you.

The best that can be done at this point is

to work to stall

what is coming to pass

with the fool-hearted hope

that change will occur

and turn to the direction

God desires.

Author “unknown”

3 thoughts on “A Pastor’s Lament

  1. Amen. What else can you do when you know people are choosing paths in which you know God doesn’t intend for? All I know is to pray….My heart breaks for certain situations in which I’ve become aware of in these last several weeks. Satan is definitely attacking. Yesterday’s sermons are a perfect reminder of what to do with an adversary.

  2. This sums up what I have felt many times in ministry.

    Jennifer, all you can do is pray, and if you have an open opportunity you can point them to God’s way of living.

    But remember, people have to change themselves before their situations change (for the better) and many do not realize they need to change.

    That is a sad reality.

  3. I think that’s what I struggle with the most…trying to help others see that it is so simple. It’s as simple as giving it up to God. But, in doing so, you cant hold anything back, you cant have any strings attached. You have to be willing to allow God to open your eyes, open you heart, open your mind,and you have to be willing to accept that change is needed. Once a person has accepted that change is needed, they have to be willing to take the steps necessary. Even if it means swallowing pride, and becoming humble. It can be a tough thing to do when you’ve never experienced God in that light.

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