Ok raise your hand if you hate making mistakes…

Come on, raise em… no one is looking (unless of course you are in a public place reading this blog)

“I see those hands…”

I hate making mistakes, but they happen.

Take yesterday for instance concerning the sermon, I never answered my opening question. (Something that will be handled as a blog post later this week, so stay tuned) I covered a lot of other material but never answered the opening question.


Thank you Charlie Brown.

And that is just one of many… in fact there are so many of them I sometimes feel worthless.

Just the other day, there was a moment of heart break for me.

You see, A pastor often invests and invests in people only to see them walk away… unchanged.

It is hard to see people with so much potential continue down a path that limits that potential.

Ah, If only I had the power to change them without having to depend on them choosing to change themselves.

Its in times like these that this question comes to a pastor’s mind…

Did I make a mistake by investing so much time and energy in shepherding those sheep?

If the world was to look at it… they would say yes… that was a total waste of time and you made a mistake even attempting to deal with them.

But I would say, as heart breaking as it sometimes is… it is never a mistake to invest in people’s lives…

In fact I would say… It would be a mistake if NO investment was ever made.

I think this is how Jesus views humanity. Even though people choose to continue in their sins and choose to reject Him as their savior, He still believes they are still worth the investment He made for them on the cross… even though it breaks His heart when they reject His free gift of salvation.

It was not a mistake for Jesus to make that type of investment in humanity…

and My investment in people… well its very small when compared to what He has invested.

Raise your hand if you are thankful for that.


“He sees those hands…”

One thought on “Mistakes

  1. Well said young man. You have much wisdom in your young years. That time invested in people will help them in their life. Sometimes when they least expect it or later when God lays that on their heart. Maybe it will be the beginning of humility in them when they realize.

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