October Music

I love the end of a year… and the beginning of the next one.

A big part of my liking of it has to do with music.

Each year beginning October 1st, the music we listen to is themed. Here’s how it goes.

October is dedicated to October Music… scary sounding, fun, and religious music makes up the song selections. My kids look forward to October Music… last year they cried when the month was over.

November until Thanksgiving – is dedicated to Thanksgiving music. Most of it is any song that has thanks, or thank you in the lyrics. When we play these songs there is definitely a positive vibe that comes through. It not only makes us think about Thanksgiving (because if you are not careful Christmas will over power that holiday) it also gets us prepared to enter into the Christmas Season with a thankful heart.

December – Christmas Music (of course), which we actually start playing the day after Thanksgiving. Its an awesome time!

January till ? (when we are done) – Begins a music Marathon where we play every CD, and iTunes album we have one time through before we listen to anything else that year. It is a great time to remember the past, see how music has changed over the years and move forward into the New Year.

(While Writing this I heard Toby Mac’s “Somebody’s Watching You” and Danse Macabre. As well as a few others.)

What kinds of Traditions does your family participate in during the year?

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