I ate lunch with my son last Friday… it was quite the experience.

He was very happy I came… of course that may have been because of the chicken Mcnugget happy meal… what kid would not be excited about McDonalds?

During the course of “events” the kids began to arm wrestle each other. “The class champion” was creaming everyone. My son (who is not the class champion) challenged me to a match, putting his little arm on the table, elbow down… ready to go.

I accepted… he laughed.

Just to have a little fun, I did not win right away but keep my arm in the starting position while he pulled and grunted with all his might. Meanwhile, with my left hand I picked up my drink and took a sip, had a few conversations with the kids at the table and then turned my attention back to the match and ended it.

My son laughed at this point and made a few comments about my strength…

I guess I am “stronger than a 3rd grader”…

that is good news.

A few minutes later, the class champion challenged another kid to a match. While the other kid pulled and grunted, the class champion picked up his drink and took a sip, keeping his arm in the starting position. He then talked to a few of his friends, spoke to me a moment, and then turned his attention back to the match and ended it.

He mimicked me.

But this isn’t anything new… kids mimic what they see other people do.

They mimic older brothers and sisters, older kids, what they see on TV, what they see their parents doing and what they see other adults doing.

Jesus says: Adults need to watch how they are living, and live in such away they do not lead children into temptation. In fact He says if you lead one of these little ones astray you might as well go out to the middle of the ocean, tie yourself to a millstone and roll yourself over board. (Matthew 18:6)

In other words..

Jesus does not approve…

at all.

He gets upset about children being lead astray by careless adults.

So what are you modeling for the kids around you? For your own kids? Is it the way you want them to live? The way you want their marriage to be? The way you want their relationships to be? Is it the way you want their faith to be? The way you want them to view church and life?

You will not save them from the temptations that will naturally come their way.(Matthew 18:7) But you can prevent adding your temptations to their list by cutting them out of your own life (Matthew 18:8-9)

Last friday I had just met “the class champion” 5 minutes before lunch time…

and he copied me…

kids pick up fast.

We adults have been given a great responsibility…

lets not blow it.

Lets do it right.

Kids are worth it.

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