Take it to the Streets – 5

“Take it to the streets” as clumsy as the phrase is, serves as a mental reminder that we are to take the church to the community. This December, God has given us an opportunity to do just that.

Here is what’s happening.

1. Our Christmas program this year will not be performed at Farmington Baptist Church. Instead, we are going to take the Christmas program to the community.

2. We have rented North Davie Middle School’s auditorium the first weekend in December. On December 3rd and 4th we will be performing the Christmas program at the school.

3. We are selling tickets for each of the performances. 100% of the ticket price will go to the two schools we have partnered with… Pine-brook Elementary School and North Davie Middle School. (December 3rd’s show is dedicated to Pine-brook Elementary and December 4th is dedicated to North Davie Middle)

We are very excited about this opportunity. Here are a few things we can do starting today.

1. Pray – for the event, for wisdom in executing it, for the program to run smoothly and for God to prepare hearts to receive the message.

2. Volunteer to help. If you have Acting, singing, organizational skills or just want to help let us know by emailing us : fbchelp@me.com

3. Be sure to look for addition post on this event in the days a head (“Take 5” will be in the title)

aAnd now to echo a phrase my friend Jay Hardwick uses…

“Lets Do This!”

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