I’ve lost it


Make no mistake I have lost , and now I don’t know where to find .

I have used many times, and sometimes when writing I used too many times.

Now is gone.

I cannot see .

I cannot write .

I cannot return .

There is no erasing because is not here.

So here’s the question…

What am I supposed to do about ?

‘s not around,

Honestly, I don’t get !

Here is what song lyrics are like without ….

…. doesn’t matter who’s wrong or who’s right,
Just beat beat ,
Just beat beat ,
Just beat beat ,
Just beat beat ,

(Maybe that is why left!)


‘s missing.

And I’m the one who lost .

Jesus says… ” and if he finds , truly, I say to you, he rejoices over more than the other 99 that never went astray.

Finding … is important.

Now… Back to looking for !

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