trouble sleeping


It is no secret, (probably because I scream like a girl when I see one) I do not like spiders.

I am glad God created them but they creep me out.

This morning as I was making up my bed… I found one.

At first glance… he looked like a piece of T-Rob’s hair (T-rob is a puppet) so without thinking I picked him up and that is when…

I screamed…. like a girl… or a bunch of them.

I threw the spider down and that is when I realized he was dead.

Now here is what has gone through my mind since…

1. He was dead, why was he dead? We didn’t kill him.

2. We have sprayed for bugs, but poison does not kill spiders because they do not groom themselves. So he did not die from that.

3. He could have died from old age. Night after night he roamed around our room, playing, eating and hanging out until he had lived his full number of years.

So he died at his appointed time.

This is disturbing…

and I am not referring to his death.

4. He could have died from eating a bug that was already dying because of the poison we had sprayed. When he ate the poisoned meal he consumed the poison.

So it is number 3 (above) but instead of the “full number of years line” it changes to – but one evening he ate a poisoned meal and lost his life as he took another’s.

5. His food supply, because it had all died off, depleted and he died of starvation.

6. There is a bigger spider in our room that killed him. Now that spider is roaming looking for his next meal.

and that is where we will stop…

I am now shaking and shivering as a result of that thought…

and that is why I might have trouble sleeping tonight.

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