Down The Road


Currently I am reading a book called “The search for significance”. Just the other day while reading chapter 4 this sentence made me stop and put the book down for a while. Here is what it said.

” We will always have the opportunity to walk in the same condemnation that we have issued toward others.”

Have you ever noticed…

When you complain about that driver that cut you off… somewhere “down the road” you wind up cutting someone off but when you do it it’s ok?

When you complain about other people talking about you behind your back… somewhere “down the road” you wind up talking about someone behind theirs?

When you complain about your spouse because they never clean up after themselves… somewhere “down the road” you find you do not clean up after yourself either?

Have you ever noticed that what you have complained about concerning others winds up, somewhere “down the road” being said of you?

Interesting how that works… its almost like what you sow you reap.

Have you ever noticed, that when we complain about someone else deep inside we lose some of our self-confidence?

Strange isn’t it?

When we put down others…. we go down too.


Have you ever noticed…

When you give someone a compliment, (even when you want to slam them) when they are not there, you gain self-confidence?

When you speak positively concerning others, to other people, people’s trust in you grows?

When you work out an issue between you and the person you have the issue with, and you only talk to them about it, your relationship with them is strengthened. And somewhere “down the road” when your other friends get together their relationships are not strained because of that conflict?

Have you ever noticed that kind words always bring people together?

So, the quote made me ask… am I setting myself up for instability by the way I talk about others or am I trusting in Jesus and being kind and respectful when people I know come up in conversations?

My prayer is to do the latter…

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