Touched… it’s been a while.

What if you had lived the past 15 years of your life without being touched by another human being… because they were scared to touch you.

No hug

No Kiss

No holding of the hands

No pat on the back

No high five

No giving of the “knuckles”

No handshaking


How would you feel?

Even with the knowledge that you had a disease that was contagious, a sickness that if someone did touch you they would become sick too, a sickness where you had to warn people people… don’t touch me… I’m sick and I do not want you to contract what I have.. its awful… even with knowing that it was best for people not to touch you, it would still be hard to go 15 plus years without another human touching you in some way…

No hugs

No Kisses

No holding of the hands

No pats on the back

No high fives

No giving of the “knuckles”

No handshakes

How would you feel?

Maybe you know a little bit about how you would feel… in fact you desire for a caring touch from another human right now…

You are in need a positive touch from someone… even if it is just a handshake of welcome.

Matthew 8:1-4 tells the story of a person with leprosy. A person that there everyday existence was what is described above. This person met Jesus and knelt before him, asking Him to heal them, to take away the disease that had caused them to be a person who could not be touched.

So Jesus stretched out his hand and touched them.

I wonder what that touch felt like… the first touch they had had in years.

It was a touch that healed the sickness. A touch that was the first step in restoring relationships. A touch that opened a flood gate of other touches, from friends and family.

A life changing touch.

Your situation may not be as drastic as a leper, But your longing for a meaningful touch seems to be just as strong as if you were. In fact you feel like an outcast. If this is true, its time to go to Jesus and ask Him to take away the things that are preventing those touches… its time to ask Him to touch your heart and heal you from your distress.

Jesus, please touch my heart… its been a while.

One thought on “Touched… it’s been a while.

  1. That made me cry! Especially the part of the healing touch from Jesus! I don’t think I’ve ever told you the story of the MIRACLE that God performed on me..I was diagnosed with a brain aneurism and was told to come back in two weeks and we would discuss the time of surgery..and if I had any strange feelings running through my head to get to the hospital immediately..I went 2 times to the ER I believe .I was not to do anything stressfull physcially or mentally they said..Well the Sunday before I was suppose to go back to the doctor for surgery scheduling I asked my pastor if he would have the elders of the church to pray for me like it says in the book of James..The presence of the Faith around me that night was plentiful and astounding.The Holy Spirit was everywhere..! Well I went that Wednesday to the doctor and they did another scan..While I waited patiently for the results I wasn’t nervous at all..As a matter of fact I had this calmness about me..When the doctor came back in the room with both of the xray scans..He said I DON’T KNOW what happened but the aneurism is GONE..! He held up both the scans showing them to me the before and after of the time I had the elders pray.. I SAID I DO! OH goodness what a time we both had in the doctors office b/c he was a man of God and a missionary..I told him that I had the elders to pray for me and he said well that explains it all..PRAISE GOD! I could not wait to get to church that night to testify! WE serve an AWESOME GOD! And I’m so happy to know that I will be living in Heaven for ETERNITY!

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