Today, as you read this you are in the present. The next action you take, the next site you look at, the next conversation you have, the next place you go will be a present activity. These activities you participate in will… before you know it… become your past. They will quickly become the things you have done, the blog you read, the actions you took, the conversation you had and the place you went.

What is present becomes a part of your past.

There is something we forget… until it hits us in the face.

We know the future is something we head toward whether we want to or not. At the same lightening rate our present becomes our past, our future quickly becomes our present. You are reading this line right now in your present but in the very recent past you read the first paragraph in this post and right before that you choose to come to this page and read this PPF blog post. Now, what you have read is apart of your past and will be part of your future.

And that is the thing we forget…

Or have never thought of or realized.

What we are doing right now becomes our past and shows up in our future.

You can never disconnect yourself from your past. It shows up at odd and natural moments in your “future present.”

Even this thought process is not an original thought, in fact what triggered it was a message a friend of mine preached just a few weeks ago. I heard it then, I am thinking about it now.

Other things show up from our past that are not message related. How we treated someone, what we said about someone, how we lived our teenage years, who we dated, who we kissed, our rebellions, our successes all show back up.

Both the ones we have been forgiven for and the ones we need to confess.

So… that thing, that action, those words you are about to say an do… do you really want those things to show back up?

You can’t change the past but you can make better decisions in the present.

What you do right now matters.

Not only in the vibrance of your relationship with God but also because your present quickly becomes your past and will show up in your future when you get there.


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