No Name Begins

Looking forward to the messages that are ahead for us. It is a series that has drastically changed in its focus (from what it was a year ago) and it has been a good change.

Its called the No Name series because I simply do not have a name for it (we are just seeing where God will take us) it begins with a message this Sunday called Relocation, the week after that message 2: Sleepers, message 3: “Embedded and then we take a break from the series for memorial day with a message called SEE. Only to return the following week with a message titled “Fools Everywhere!”

I am asking for you to be in prayer for our worship services these next couple of weeks, and come ready for God to move our hearts into a deeper understanding of how to live the christian life and for Him to lead us into a deeper relationship with Him.

We have already had two prequels to this series called Authentic and Mulligan you can hear them @

SEE you sunday!

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