The cat is no longer free… its now “mine”

Just a few days ago we had a post on a cat that is hanging around my house and I said you could have him if you came and got him…

well… it is now to late for you to get him free. In order to acquire him now you will need to pay me. I think I just want to keep him around a while.


Well the other day (after the free cat post) I saw him pounce, yes pounce on a squirrel in our yard. It was quite the thing to watch. So the cat not only has entertainment value, he also has decreased the squirrel population and I am glad of that.

The other day another cat picked a fight with him. It may have been a territory thing…

well, guess who lost…

You got it!

That cat was messed up when he emerged out of the gully and “my” cat strutted out like “a real champion should.”

Besides… we have now moved onto bigger animals to watch…

…like the 2-year old bear that was in my neighbors yard last week.

Yep, you heard me right… a bear. The sheriff’s office was called… and what did they do? They just said “he will come down out of that tree sometime… theres nothing to worry about.”

Well al-righty then!

BTW – “our” ground-hog died back in the fall. The deer are still living in our gully and our black snake is now making its rounds.

Just think…. this is all happening in the good ol town of lewisville!

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