FREE Cat – for a limited time.

Yep, there she sits… a cat that isn’t mine.

Not sure how long she has been there but it has been a while.  She is sleeping, in the shade under a wooden bench.

(Of course I am not looking close enough to tell if it is a girl.)

Now, I do not like cats.  Just not my thing.  If you have a cat that is ok with me, but if we owned one that would bother me.

I just hope this one hasn’t laid down to die.

Last year we had something die in our backyard while we were on vacation. Some say it was a rabbit, others say it was a cat, and the accurate ones say it was a skunk.

All that aside… what we do know is when we arrived back home from the beach the house stunk and all that was left of the varmint was bones.  I buried the bones in the flower bed in the corner of our backyard.

Now I do not like cats, but I do not mind if this one takes a nap on my deck.   However I do mind if it dies there.

So… FREE – Yard Trained Cat – only available for a limited time.

So if you want a cat… let me know.  If she is still here when you arrive you can have her.

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