The “No Name” Series

On Mothers day, we will be starting a series called “No Name” with the tag line “Just Seeing where God takes us the Next Few Weeks.”

Last year, I had planned to do a parenting series that would have begun on Mother’s Day and ended around Fathers Day.  The idea came from a sermon series a friend of mine, Josh Lindstrom, did last year at his church called “Parentology”. 

After hearing that series, I took the passages he used and began to study them, and scheduled the parenting series.  However, the more I looked at the text and studied for the series, the parenting theme just did not work. 

So, I began to think about not calling it a parenting series, and just preach a series of messages that used parenting illustrations.  (kind of an “under the table” parenting theme).

Yesterday, I went to lunch with Josh, and told him about this.

Then He asked…

Why are you doing it that way? Do you think there will be some resistance to the topic?

“No”, I responded. Then I hem-hawed around with a couple of reasons, then said… “Well maybe I should just call it “Parentology” and be done with it.”

to which he responded, “Well, if you decide to do that, just let me (Josh) know, and I’ll give you all our graphics we used for the series.”

Yesterday afternoon, as I began the process of finishing up two of the sermons, it became clear to me that “parenting” was not the direction the series should take. The messages themselves had taken on a different direction. They had a course of their own.

I am not sure where they are headed in an overall series sort of way…

Now let me pause here and say… I have my sermons planned out a year in advance.  It’s just how I have to operate.  I know at the beginning of a series where it will end up, and follow a general theme for the whole year.  To me it’s taking the congregation through steps in our spiritual walk.  We are going somewhere, and it excites me to see people taking the journey.  

That said, I am not sure where this one will go. The text that was picked out last year may even change.  In fact, that has already happened with the second sermon in the series.

 This exciting and unnerving for me.

Here is what I know as of today…

The titles of the first two sermons are “Relocation” and “Sleeper”…

We’ll see what happens after that…

One thought on “The “No Name” Series

  1. one of your sermon series that you had planned 18 months earlier is what God used to lead us to fbc! how incredible that the Creator of the Universe orchestrated a sermon series on forgiveness through you while i was just beginning an 18- month journey of conflicting emotions that left me raw & withdrawn. so i am extremely grateful for your obedience in planning, but i commend you for also remaining sensitive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and being willing to step out by faith and not by sight.

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