There is a bird outside my window, he is small, brown on top white on his “underside”. He hops, flies and looks around. Not sure what he is looking for but he is doing his thing. Doing what he was designed to do.

My son is having concert time in the shower right now. Loud and singing to the top of his lungs. I am going to have to go and remind him of what a shower is designed to do, but for now its great to just listen to him sing.

My daughter just marched through our kitchen area where I am writing this. For being 11 years old she sure does walk loudly. I might remind her in a moment to walk a little more light footedly (as if that is a word) but for now she has stopped and is reading the Silmarillion.

My wife has left to go to her parents house. Her dad is getting her taxes ready for me to do them tomorrow (she owns a travel business called Enchanted Tours) While she is there she will visit with her sister who is visiting from Boone for a few days.

My day has been tough and busy… there are things I need to get done before going to bed tonight. Final polishing of the outline for Sunday is one of those tasks.

Now, I can’t see the bird but I can hear him. When I first started writing this the sun had just begun to set. Now the light of this day is almost spent… it is almost night.

And my thoughts?

It would be nice to have a life that was as simple as that bird outside.

Less complicated, and low pressure. Just “sing”, “do your thing”… and let the rest of the world take care of itself.

Twigs, eggs and worms.

It would be great if things were that simple.

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