American Idol and Pia

Just finished watching American Idol tonight and Pia is the one that did not get enough votes to stay on. The reaction to this was interesting in fact two of the judges were mad about the decision, the other I’m never really sure what he is saying, the crowd booed, and Ryan didn’t look “happy”. Probably the reason for the reaction was no one prepared anyone for this possibility… that is what Simon brought to the table. In fact I am sure he is sitting at home not shocked at all.

A few things…

Staying in the American Idol competition is based on votes. who ever gets the lowest amount of votes goes home. It is just the facts of the game. (My daughter understands this.)

Pia didn’t sing and perform as well as the other contestants this week…. So she went home.

If you do not bring your A game to the performance each week you will lose votes. The people that decide who stays and who goes home are the ones that do not have a favorite in the game but vote according to the performances each week. They are the swing voters.

This week they “swung” away from Pia.

In church… the same thing happens when we do not bring our A game to the table on Sunday Morning.

We lose votes…. visitors are voting as soon as they walk through our doors.

Are we friendly? Are we organized? Do the people they come into contact with know what is going on? Can they answer their questions? Do they feel welcomed? Are their children safe and taken care of? Will the children leave wanting to come back to church? Is the worship A quality? (the best we can offer to God) Is the sermon the best it can be?

Pia is just out of the competition because she did not bring her A game… she will not be able to win American Idol this year.

If we do not bring our A game each Sunday, the losses are more substantial….

and those losses are what we should be concerned about.

So lets continue to do the best we can… and bring our A game to church each week.

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