Random Thursday

Random 1 – So far my NCAA Bracket is good. However I did fill it out when there was 32 teams left.

Random 2 – You know sometimes you turn around and an hour is gone. How does that happen?

Random 3 – Left my Bible in a truck of a friend of mine…. I miss that bible

Random 4 – Did not get much done on future sermon plans this week. Will have to hit it hard next week.

Random 5 – Nice Sermon Twist… NICE

Random 6 –

Random 7 –

Random 8 – Ate at TJs tonight… it was good.

Random 9 – Not a fan of American Idol but will watch it with the wife tonight

Random 10 – www.northdaviemovienight.com lt is up and running. Go check it out.

Random 11 – Go check out the Take 2 Face Book page. North Davie Movie Night.

Random 12 – Oh to be 8 again.

Random 13 – Back to it

2 thoughts on “Random Thursday

  1. how did you make that picture? (under random 6) its really amazing… and id like to learn how to make pics like that… was it photoshop or something?

  2. I did not draw it, just found it and thought it was great. The idea is to draw yourself drawing and then then put part of what you are “drawing” over it…

    if you do that, send it to me… I would like to see what you did.

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