Frying Nemo

Whether it is the result of global warming hitting the tropic seas, or Nemo is in a lot of trouble because he has done something very bad. Frying Nemo is a trending topic on Twitter today. Here are some thoughts on what you need to do if you want to fry him up to eat.

1. Send your young children to bed before you start, it will save you from the presence of psychiatric bills in the future.

2. Decied what type of frying you are going to do. Is it going to be Deep Frying, Oven Frying, Pan Frying, Sun Frying ( can only happen at the beach) or a Brian fry.

3. Next, what type of batter are you going to use? Milk and Flower, Flour and Water Batter, Baking Powder Batter, Beer Batter, Egg White Batter or Yeast Batter. Each will bring to Nemo a distinct flavor.

4. Decied what sides you will have with your meal. Hush Puppies, celery, fries, or mac and cheeze.

That said… here are a few warnings about fryng up ol Nemo.

1. He will not be the same color once you are done. Instead of the bright clown fish colors you started with he will be come brown and crispy. Do not be alarmed at this… after all you have killed a child’s hero. No big deal.

2. It is really not much of a meal. Clown fish are small, you may want to fry up his dad and some of his friends too. K1NG_IC3 says he might would add “Flounder on a Stick, Sebastian soft shel, and Bambi Jerky” to the meal.

3. Do not worry about Dora, she will not rememeber Nemo ever existed. And will continue living in the fictitious “fish are friends” world. Rememeber, “Fish are not food they are our friends” is a lie. Don’t beleieve it or feel bad that you are eating one of your child’s pet friends.

5. If you write about this be sure to give #blackpeoplemovies credit for starting it… he really wants that credit and will not stop trying to receive it. So to #blackpeoplemovies whoever you are I give you credit for the idea for this post.

And thats about it….

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