He Came After Me.

There are many things about God that are just amazing to say the least. From the first chapter of Jonah one amazing truth stands out about Him.

He pursues us…. even though we run away from Him.

In this story He never gave up on Jonah. This is a theme throughout the book. God, the creator kepts working and working with people. He is not willing that any should perish… He diesires for all to turn to Him and does what He can to get our attention.

He doesn’t have to do this.

In Jonah chapter 1, He gets the attention of the sailors. We do not know what things had occurred in their life before their voyage with Jonah. But , whatever happened to them set them up for this part of their story. A part that changed their lives forever.

I can almost hear them later in life, sitting around the dinner table…. (Warning this is extra biblical) ” Let me tell you about when I met Jehovah. I was a crewman on a ship set for Tarishish when this terrible storm came up…”


“Granddad… tell us the story about the bad bad storm and the prophet who couldn’t swim….”

How would these stories end? Maybe like this.

“I am thankful that Jehovah cared enough to come after me.”

He came after me.

That’s awesome.

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