10 Stupid Things – Part 6

Currently I am reading a book called “Ten Stupid Things that Keep Churches from Growing” by Geoff Surratt. Here are some personal thoughts on the fifth chapter.

The opening quote says it all “We know he’s a thief and a liar, but no one can make the organ sing like Bob.”

When we promote talent over integrity, that is a “stupid” thing.

If you have been in church work long enough you have been there. The church needs leadership, and you are praying for God to send you the leadership the church needs.

Then, one Sunday, right after you have prayed, this couple visits the church. She loves children and his passion is teaching. They are excited , want to get involved and help out anyway they can. So, you do what most pastors would do… you place them into leadership.

At first things go well… but then things began to happen and you realize “something is just not right with them”. Before you know it, they are tearing the church apart by stirring up strife.

Placing talented people into leadership positions to quickly is a “stupid” thing to do but…

It’s (so) easy to do…

because the need is so great, after all this talented person fulfills the need and fits it very well.

God must have sent them!

Just remember… don’t do it. God isn’t the only one that sends people to your church. Take time to check them out, make sure they are trying to walk with Christ. Listen to what people say about them. Take your time before you give them a leadership position, and make sure you know them before you do.

Yes, the need is great, and there is a burden that you carry because of that need. But that burden is easier than having to deal with someone that is causing damage to the church.

4 thoughts on “10 Stupid Things – Part 6

  1. i can somewhat relate to this…our family has been looking for a church home for the past year. but i would never expect a church to just place me into ministry. i would expect a mutual desire to develop relationships and build trust. we have asked tough questions about beliefs, leadership, etc. of churches. i expect the same to be asked of me.
    i also realize how easy it is to put all of our energy into looking for new help while neglecting the volunteer/lay mininstry already in place. what are we doing to equip and encourage those in leadership roles? what spiritual needs do they have? how can we help prevent burnout and keep passions ignited?

    1. Just started on on the book of Jonah… it will not be everyday like the 31 days but there will be devotionals that tie back to the sermon on Sunday.

      Miss you guys… I hope your family is well

  2. Paula – Yes, you are not the only one that has mentioned that. Praying through what to do. The next one was going to be around Easter…. Keep on me though!

    Angie, right and I know some have come to our church and because we did not plug them in immediately they went other places. This is ok, we have to know people before we do that… its so important! I am looking forward to seeing what God does in the days ahead.

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