10 Stupid Things – Part 5

Currently I am reading a book called “Ten Stupid Things that Keep Churches from Growing” by Geoff Surratt. Here are some personal thoughts on the fourth chapter.

This is a chapter that everyone that is involved in a church should read and take to heart.

Children and what you do with them on Sunday is more important than many church members realize or want to admit. Children are smart, they soak in information, are tech savvy, and willing to learn. A lack of investment in them means your church will die with your age group. and more importantly, places their eternal destination on the line.

Settling for low quality in children’s ministry is a “stupid” mistake.

This was a great reminder for me. Here lately I have not focused as much in this area as I did when we first came to the church. There are several “good” reasons for that. But those reasons are not good enough. There are many areas in our church that need my attention (we need additional staff, praying about that) but I must keep in mind, the first priority, given to us by God, is to pass on the faith to our children and to do it in such a way that engages them and encourages them to follow Christ rather than the other destructive avenues that are available in our culture.

Someone will get their attention… will it be the church?

If Sunday School lessons don’t get their attention… something else will.

If children’s worship doesn’t engage them where they are… something else will.

If preschool lessons (during the worship service) doesn’t impact their lives… something else will.

If our Wednesday night (AWANA) program doesn’t encourage them to learn the Bible… they will learn something else… something that doesn’t target salvation, a love For God or serving Him.

Settling for low quality in Children’s ministry is a “stupid” mistake.

Don’t make it.

Our children’s ministry has come along way, but the time has come to look at it again and take it to the next level. So here we go…


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