10 Stupid Things – Part 7

Currently I am reading a book called “Ten Stupid Things that Keep Churches from Growing” by Geoff Surratt. Here are some personal thoughts on the sixth chapter.

Now, I have not been giving a synopsis of each chapter in these post, instead I have just been writing on the topic. My hope is you will read the book to get his perspective. The book is an easy and fun read… Ok enough of that.

Last year we bought a church sign and had it installed at the road. It is an awesome sign, up to date and is the reason why many of our recent visitors have stopped by.

But we need to take another step. Last year we received permission to put a sign at the intersection of 801 and Farmington Road and at the intersection of 158 and Farmington Road. The reason we do not have signs there currently is my fault. Just have not gotten to it. But it is past time for it to be a priority.

If people can’t find your church, that is a “stupid” mistake.

We also need signs in the church telling people where the bathroom is and where child care is located. Hopefully in the next few weeks we will be able to rectify these two issues.

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