Just a thought…

You can’t complain and have a heart of gratitude…. Impossible.

You can’t express words of thanks and have a heart of complaint… That to is impossible.

Complaining has an attitude that goes with it of… I am not satisfied, I am not happy, I don’t like this. I don’t like that, can you believe what they did? Complaining is always personal… To you and directed personally at the person. This idiots, retards, dummies, etc.. Did this to me… I want to fight.

Gratitude has an attitude that goes with it of… I don’t deserve to be here anyway, I am not better than this person, and we all make mistakes. Gratitude comes from a life that is rooted in Christ, built with Biblical truth, and a stability that is in Christ rather than in what a person has done to me. Value that comes from just being a child of God instead of what people might think of me. Gratitude produces the action of love, a willingness to work things out, a humbleness that doesn’t allow you to tear down someone else. The idea that I am thankful to be allowed to live… In good times and bad.

Complaining at the end of the day is a power rush that runs out quickly in need of it’s next complaining fix.

Gratitude is stability, with no rush, nor an addiction to power. It’s satisfaction is peace from A Christ centered life.

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