26 days

26 days of non-stop activity, of music, laughter, horns blowing, bells ringing, sale tales, practices, performances, sweeting, freezing, nervousness, relaxing, football, basketball, paper ripping, check book depleting, children screaming, choirs singing, fun.

Yesterday our family went to the first Christmas gathering of the season. It was good to see family members we do not normally see. There were all the normal things you have at these sort of events. Finger foods, desserts, and presents.

Then it was 27 days.

Now it’s 26.

26 days to remember, to pause, to reflect, to meditate, to praise, to sing, to celebrate, the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ… who was born to die so we might live.

We have 26 days of opportunity to stop our nonstopness and remember that.

Will you make time for that?

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