Day 25

(Proverbs 25) It is easy to say I want to be the person that is described as 25:11-13. But I think if that is what we are going for we will miss the mark. What the passage is encouraging us to do, is look for and listen to people whose words enlighten our path. And […]

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Day 24

(Proverbs 24) “Partiality in judging is not good.” (24:23b) This is a great word of wisdom and an awesome warning to us all… Do not be partial in your judgements I guarantee we fall into this more that we realize. It happens when a person we do not like does something at work against us. […]

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Testimony Thursday

A few years back I found myself working more than spending time with my family.  It’s not that I didn’t love them or didn’t care,  because I did.  I was just working in an environment where I was never really sure where I fitted in and an environment where there was a lot to do. […]

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Left Behind… For Now

My cousin died last night around 9pm. She was really my cousin-in-law because she was married to my cousin… She was 59 Cancer is what “took” her.  Last year she had been pronounced as being free from it but early this year it came back and brought us to this moment. And once again for […]

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