Left Behind… For Now

My cousin died last night around 9pm.

She was really my cousin-in-law because she was married to my cousin…

She was 59

Cancer is what “took” her.  Last year she had been pronounced as being free from it but early this year it came back and brought us to this moment.

And once again

for some reason beyond “it’s just the way of things”

I have been Left Behind.

Last year my aunt went to live with Jesus.  The mother of the cousin that just lost his wife yesterday.

and now…

We’ve been Left Behind…


I have thought a lot about this today,  my cousin who is faced with another funeral (and this time it’s the passing of his spouse)  has been left behind to face another parting, left behind to deal with the sorrow of it all.

It is tough dealing with this life we live “under the sun”

But there is coming a day where you an I could be reunited with the ones who have left…

If we see Jesus or wind up away from Him is up to what we decided to do with Jesus…

its based on if we have believed in Him, If we have accepted Him as our Savior.

Those that have chosen to believe will see each other again one day,

those that choose not to… will not.

This is an important truth because we are all leaving this place one day…

for we are only left behind

for now.

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