Who are your favorite People to be around?

Who are your favorite people to be around?

I have to be careful in answering this question. Would not want to hurt anyones feelings. So I will go no further than to say my family, especially my children and my wife. Outside of that, I shouldn’t say, but what I can do is give a list of qualities those people have that make them the people who I love to spend time with.

  1. I enjoy being around people I can relax around. This means that I trust them enough to lower my protective walls and just “let my hair down.”
  2. I enjoy being around people who are fun to be around. People that are creative and laugh. People that are not so politically high strung that you have to guard what you joke about but they understand what humor is.
  3. I enjoy being around people who enjoy being around me. I know this can sound self-centered but there is something to the people you are around really wanting you to be with them. I do not enjoy being with a group of people where I feel like I’m the odd ball out or a hinderance to their comfort.
  4. I enjoy being around people that have some of the same interest that I do.
  5. I enjoy being around people who Love the Lord Jesus Christ, but not all of them. There are some followers of Jesus I’d rather not spend a lot of time with. I am thankful for them though. Yes, I know we are all going to be together in heaven one day. I get it. But heaven is a big place and even if you ran into the “not all of them” we will all be perfect and I’m sure that will make the difference in my enjoyment of hanging around them.
  6. I enjoy being around people who are positive. It is really hard to be around people that complain all the time. But when you get to be in the presence of people who love life and are real about things it is not only a gift to your well being it is preferable.
  7. I enjoy being around people who listen. Not people who listen to themselves but listen with interest to what other people are saying. It is these sorts of people I can listen to.
  8. I like being around people I like to listen to. People I like to hear their opinions on things and thoughts about life.
  9. I like being around people where we have a mutual respect for each other.
  10. I love being around people who are worshiping and learning about God.
  11. My favorite type of person to be around is someone I respect, cherish and love.

So there you go. 11 descriptions of the type of people I enjoy being around.

A quick thank you to WordPress for this blog topic they supplied for today.

Grace and Peace.

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