Sermon Presentation

Sermons don’t just happen…

unless you are a parent…

but even then they draw off of years of experience you are passing on to your child.

Sermons take preparation.

And currently that is what I am working on.

Sermons for next year.

Specifically October of 2023 and one in September 2023.

Right now I am looking for direction, some hint of what God would like to say to people in the future.

For sermons aren’t just proclaiming information to people. A real sermon has worked on the preacher’s heart before it is passed to the church to work on theirs.

and this takes time.

I read a statement in my devotions yesterday that said…

“Theology is the doxology of any sermon you preach.”

This is so true.

People need application. Messages where the rubber meets the road. And they need it right up front in a sermon. In fact it really should be the main thing. Then after you have showed them how to live you show them the foundation those truths came from. It is at that moment that people really come to understand the depth of a theological concept.

If it’s presented at the beginning that connection is not made. Or better the connection isn’t as strong as the “AH moment” that would have been there if we would just flip the way we present sermons.

So basically a sermon is your study time for that sermon in reverse.

So there you go…

now back to the task at hand.

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